Ibanez JEM7PBK

Type: JEM
SV number: SV 39
Pet name: AIDEN
Year: 1989
Serial: 916238
Receive date:

Ibanez JEM7PBK Black w/ Pyramids.
Manufactured in 1989, 1990.

Steve has used this guitar at

home, in the studio, and as his primary warm-up guitar on the Alien Love

Secrets 1995 tour. This guitar also appears in the Alien Love Secrets Video

and DVD.

One of the earliest Ibanez Jem guitars, this model has a different style of

grip than the other Jems and utilizes its black & white contrast for

striking visual results. It is a prototype which Steve used to tweak the Jem

design (notice the different monkey grip cutout), and was returned to Steve

by Ibanez after following his instructions.

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  1. matic22 says:

    This was Steve’s main guitar between Slip Of The Tonugue and the arrival of Evo and 7VWH’s. Used on most of Gutar Legend Sevilla concert:

    Also during a jam session with Mike Boyko:

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