Ibanez JEM555

Type: JEM
Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 99
Pet name: Lefty
Year: 1994
Serial: N/A
Receive date:

Ibanez JEM555 White & Black.
Manufactured in 1994 – 2000.
left handed

Sold at Juliens Auction 2022.

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  1. Argethian1 says:

    Wow, a lefty. Looks like the only one. As I am a lefty I would love to buy this if it were to ever be for sale. I plan to be at the academy in NY and could take possession there.

  2. Argethian1 says:

    I understand, just saying if it ever is for sale. can anyone give any insight as to how or why the lefty became part of the collection?

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