Ibanez JEM10

Type: JEM
SV number: SV 248
Pet name: Beauty life
Year: 1997
Serial: 58
Receive date:

This guitar from Hard Rock and is living in the #36 case . Case is painted with #36 but Labelled SV248 10th anniversary.

Steve gifted this guitar to the Hard Rock quite a while ago. The Hard Rock rotates their instruments by sending it to different Hard Rocks. When Steve Visited China to perform for the first time in the 90’s, after the gig there was nothing to eat so the promoter took the band to a Hard Rock that was 2 hours away from the gig in Beijing. When they arrived the chef was finishing up and would not cook anything for the band. They were very hungry. Steve went to check out and hanging over the cash register was this guitar. This compelled him to go on a mission to get this guitar back. The Hard Rock was kind enough to trade this one out with a few other guitars Steve gave them. for Steve, this is perhaps the most beautiful Jem ever made.

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