Despagni Custom Flame Guitar

Type: MISC 6 STR
Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 310
Pet name: Flame
Year: 1984
Serial: 1751
Receive date:

Performance Flame Guitar Serial # 01751 The original Flame Guitar built by Joe Despagni and used extensively on the David Lee Roth Tour. It was loaned to Guitar Center / Rockwalk in Hollywood, where it hung amidst guitars owned by various celebrity musicians. (A weird or funny addendum: Rich Pike, of, and Steve’s assistant through the mid-to-late-90’s, once worked at that Guitar Center and discovered that the guitar is on the computer’s inventory list with a selling price of $50,000!). Sold in Sept 18 2017 by Steve to raise funds for his friend Joe Despagni, Steve’s life long friend who built the guitar. Joe passed away in 2018. 

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  1. matic22 says:

    Tuned to drop-D and used on “Unchained” during Eat Em And Smile Tour:

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