Contessa HG -200

SV number: SV 203
Pet name: Coni
Serial: N/A
Receive date:

This was my first acoustic guitar. I played it almost exclusively for a year when I was younger. I put a lot of notes on this guitar. It came with me everywhere. I remember when Joe Despagni and I took off for New Jersey to meet a girl he was in love with, I took this guitar and we slept in the park someplace and got chased by the cops around town. I remember we had a little bag of weed that we hid by hanging it off a branch in a tree. We woke up in a park and it was my birthday. I think I had just turned 15 that day. We sat there and played and sang Lucky Man by Emerson Lake and Palmer for hours. I ended up bringing that guitar out to California with me and loaning it to Marty Schwartz back in the 80’s. Through the years I would tell him I eventually wanted it back. Today is March 30, 2010 and I wrote him the other day for the guitar. Here is his response. Steve,

Well…..I must have had that guitar for 20 years. I played that thing a
lot. Then I put it in storage in L.A. when I moved and then had it in
storage for years up here till I moved into my little house. I swear I
didn’t see that thing when I moved everything I own out of storage and into
my new little fixer house. I concluded – a few weeks ago in fact, that it
must have disappeared! FUCK! Then, sadly and oddly enough, I get your email
last night right before going to bed and I can not get to sleep thinking
about how am I possibly going to tell you that after all these years of you
entrusting me with that guitar, that it’s gone! Throughout the years you’ve
asked me if I still have it-cause your going to want to get it back and it
has sentimental value and it was one of, if not, your FIRST GUITAR! And it
means a LOT to you….SHIT! – I rolled around in bed sweating it out till
about 4:30 in the morning..How could I lose it? HOW? HOW? Finally I fell
asleep and had nightmares. I was a mess when I got up this morning, I went
down to the basement where my stuff is stored knowing it wasn’t there, I
walked up to the box I thought I left it in feeling sick. And there it was
under the Mexican blanket I had it wrapped in! So Yah, of coarse I still
have it.


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