IF YOU'RE NEW TO THE VAI.COM MESSAGE BOARDS, START HERE. You'll find some answers to many common questions about, the Messageboards, dos and don'ts, membership details and more.
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The Message Boards are a friendly place to hang out, learn and exchange ideas and information. Just as your opinion will be respected, it is critical that you respect other members as well.
This board is an all-ages board.

This is a private forum and membership is a privilege, not a right. As such, there are certain guidelines and etiquette to follow:

The golden rule to follow is this: Think before you post.

These rules apply to the messageboars, chatrooms and private messaging system.

1. You may only have one account. The Email address in your profile should be valid at all times.

2. No advertising or solicitations for sales. This includes ads for personalized services. No links to live auctions or advertisements.

3. No crossposting or multiposting. Use the appropriate section for your post. Search the forum before posting, your question may already have been answered.

4. Keep it civil. No personal attacks at any time. If you have a problem with another member, inform a moderator. Also put some effort in spelling and punctuation. No 'leet speak' allowed.

5. No racism, homophobia, porn, bootlegging, pircacy, spam, otherwise offensive or any other illegal activity or discussion thereof will be allowed.

6. Please no discussion about Steve's private life.

7. Moderators and administators have a final say in everything.

8. It's a forum, not your personal blog. Also, private conversations should be held via PM or Email.

9. No discussion about current or past disciplanery actions.

10. No 'PM me for more info' type of posts.

11. Avatars are allowed, under the condition that they fit the size requirements and are not offensive in any way or appear officially related to in any way. Maximum size is 100 x 100 pixels and about 60 Kb.

12. Signatures are not allowed and are disabled in the forum software. Please don't manually add your own.

13. reserves the right to add, remove, modify these rules and services at any time without prior notice.

14. Usernames can only be changed by the admin team and only if there is a pressing reason.

Also see the additional rules and guidelines for the sections "Self Promotion Showcase" and "The Watering Hole".

If you enouncter problems, have questions or need help with using the forums, simply PM an administrator or moderator.