Skyscraper and Alcatrazz studio rigs?

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Hi guys,

1) I've been searching for info on what Steve used on Skyscraper. I vaguely remember an interview where he said he was using the preamp of "a Marshall" > line out to rack and solid state power amps... Can anyone flesh out the info?

2) Alcatrazz Disturbing the Peace... I vaguely remember a very lengthy gear list in the liner notes, including Randall amps... Anyone know if Steve had a main amp for those sessions? I'm guessing the Carvin X100B.That album had some stellar stacked/orchestrated tones!
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It could be anything but
around that time i know he used...

JCM800's Modified
Custom Egnator Stuff
Custom Bogner Stuff
I want to say Soldano too maybe

By preamp of a marshall- he was probably slaving a JCM800

I double checked what is under LIVE RIGS under THE MACHINES
Looks like there was Soldano Heads and Mesa Power Amps

And either 800's or Marshall Plexi's used just for the preamps into a Mesa power amp
I'm guessing if anything solid state was involved in the power amp section it was used just for monitoring
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