little alligator pedal noise ...

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hello there,

i am a hobbyist guitar player with a pedalboard issue that is troubling me ... maybe someone here has some insight ...

the problem ...
my guitar rig consists of various pedals and efx that has been working fine and quiet for monthes, i recently added an ehx b9 (organ pedal) to the board ... separate "line in" from morley abc pedal into b9 and off to the mixerboard - no issues, quiet and sounding good ... but the issue i was having is, the b9 pedal does not fade out ... just an abrupt stop when the strings stop vibrating

the fix ... (or so i thought...)
i placed a little alligator volume pedal on the organ output (wet) so i could gradually/manually fade the last keyboard chord as necessary ... it works great !! ... but ... there is a noisy buzz coming through the pedal ... it does not occur when i use the 'gator pedal elsewhere (i.e. after the guitar signal, before the pedals, steel guitar swells etc. )...

i have tried using the same powersupply as the rest of the board as well as, using a separate power line - no change

any other ideas ?


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try the little alligator with NO battery and NO power supply
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