New stereo amp for my guitar required?

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I am new to the forums and have been playing acoustic guitar for a few years. I just sold my Yamaha FG700S and bought an Epiphone Masterbilt DR500MCE.
This guitar has the esonic2 HD preamp built into it and the guitar has 2 outputs for the nanoflex and nanomag pickups.
I know that I can use just the one output to run to my acoustic amp, but in the esonic2 youtube video, he is running two outputs.
Has anyone run these into a 2-channel stereo acoustic amp? Does it sound significantly better?

I only have the Fender Acoustisonic 15 single input amp right now, but I am wondering whether it is worth it to upgrade. I should add that I do not perform or do any gigs.
I am looking at a Marshall AS50D or something similar.

Thanks in advance, guys!
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I use a stereo marshal 100 watt power amp, I took cash advance for it. I never really bought it for using it in stereo...but it's always nice to know I can if I choose to. The main reason I really like that amp is if anything happens to channel about 30 seconds I can be plugged into channel B and up and running with the exact same sound. It is very heavy however. Another reason I think the stereo rig isn't more popular is that unless your PA is running in stereo...the only benefit would be better sound coming from the stage...and depending on what processing you could possibly be sending a thinner version of your sound to the PA. Maybe left channel only instead of mono...or L+R (with a stereo PA system)
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