Whats up with G3 Tour - Looking forward to another G3 DVD!!!

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Anybody know when the next G3 Tour would be starting and who the 3rd guitarist would be? Would love to have Steve release another DVD with all the best performances from a tour like this. My favorite G3 DVD is "Live in Tokyo". But they are all great. Looking forward to many more.
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Hey hello,

I got a question and I hope that someone can answer it. It is not totally about the DVD- topic but more about G3 tour in genereal, hope it doesn't matter that I write /ask on this thread:

Anyway, I will visit a G3 concert this year (in Germany) and besides that I am alittle merch-hunter ;-).
My question: Are on G3 concerts "only" shirts from G3 package or also from the artists participating? I must confess to my shame that I don't own a shirt of Steve and originally planned to buy it at the concert. If they don't sell one of him there I will buy it from the official site.

Thanks in advance