Shows in Brazil - South American Tour 2013

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Hello, folks!

I'm glad that Steve will return to Brazil! I have watched two shows of Steve here in my country: one in 2001 in Porto Alegre, and another in 2007, in Curitiba. In the latter had the pleasure of participating in the EVO Experience. It was fantastic!

It seems that Vai comes here every six years! :)

Well, the question I ask is whether there is the possibility of shows here in Brazil at other locations on this South American tour, or even on other dates. I ask this because in 2007 there was the inclusion of a show in Belo Horizonte after the initial disclosure of the dates here in Brazil.

I know it's hard to predict this in advance, but would like a position if there is negotiation with other cities in Brazil and/or if there is a possibility of new dates or date changes.

Thank you very much!