1 November 2016 - London, ON, Canada - PAW Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in London, Canada?

Please post your reviews here!
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Since I've settled into a career and the stereo typed "wife and kids" scenario, I don't attend many live performances/concerts anymore. When I seen the notice that Steve would be in my home town, it was a no brainier that we would be attending. I'm a intermediate guitar player that has played in a few bands, starting from back in high school up through playing with some work buddies in the garage. Guitar has been and will always be my passion.

I've seen Steve a few other times prior to this event, way back in the DLR days, through the Ultra Zone , into the now days.

Of course, always following the media, online Via events, and even going back from time to time to the "20 hour workout "routine that I swear at times when I do take on a practice routine from the document I feel I just picked the guitar up for the first time of my life! :D

My wife attended this show with me , the first time she ever attended a "guitar" instrumental type show , even though she does get the pleasure of watching me every night performing my heart out in front of the computer as I run through my regular routine of practice and jam... :D

This show blew both our minds.

Me: I got to see somebody who I've always loved and appreciated the feel and passion for creating great music

Wife: Got to see and understand , finally, the meaning and feel that Steve can deliver with the guitar, and how much it gives me joy.

The highlight of the evening was when Steve left the stage, came down to the left and my wife and I got to touch, stand next to, be in the spot light, talk to briefly, and totally feel the energy that Steve seems to just emit...not to mention his facial expression truly showed how much he loved his fans and got the same from us as we did from him.....

Thanks Steve and team, awesome show and time. God bless.

R and T
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