Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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By the way, how you doin' Jack? U'll remember me and Stephen no doubt. lol
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I actually forgot to say how great I thought Eric Sardinas was as well. I was a bit late for his set (having thought the venue was going to open at seven rather than half past six, that'll teach me to check the times on the ticket as well). I don't think I missed much of it though and his set was fantastic. I know Steve likes to vary things in terms of his shows as far as his own performance again but as far as supporting him is concerned I'd just like to say that putting Eric on again as the support act or just Eric being able to do his own shows over here would be most welcome.

I also have to say Jack was a great guy to meet at the gig, glad you got your camera business sorted after all that. Oh yeah, and that shop you work at, what price for an RG2620, a JEM 7VWH and a 77BRMR? I'm mulling over which to get and Sound Control in Newcastle have some good prices so I'd be interested to read what your place can do!

What was also great, which I really have to mention, was the fact that Steve really seemed to enjoy himself. I'm sure there always has to be an element with any concert by anyone of playing up to the people of a particular place who are at the show but it seemed Steve really was pleased with such a great atmosphere at the show. There aren't that many great musical acts that come to Newcastle in comparison to the likes of London, Manchester or Glasgow so when someone comes here I really appreciate it and hope that they leave with a good impression of the place as it concerns me as to whether or not they might want to come back here. It's great then that Steve seemed to enjoy himself (and Billy and the guys) and it'd be fantastic to see them here again. I mean, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure there are plenty of other people here as well who would be just thrilled to see Steve and the guys come back to Newcastle and give such a great performance again.

I hope everyone else had a great time as well. :D
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Alrite lads!
Yeah mate, of course I remember you and Stephen! One of the best parts of the night was the shouts of praise to Thomas Nordegg round the back!

And Skyscraper was not only my seating mate, but we were the first two in line waiting for the tickets months before hand! A true fan and sound bloke, cheers mate! As far as the shop getting in an RG2620, a JEM 7VWH or a 77BRMR, we can get them in, but just don't have any in at the minute, as it is only a small shop, but we can get them in as we are a licenced Ibanez dealer. The only trouble with Ibanez is, it takes them an absolute age to get the guitars sent out, but that is because every guitar is set up before being sent out. It is obviously better getting a guitar that is great straight out the box, but not when it takes months to arrive. We have a stunning SZ2020FM on order which is due in soon, looking forward for that arriving. As far as getting them cheaper is concerned, we try and put our best price forward, and if paying by cash, a bit can normally be knocked off for obvious reasons :wink:
I have got a new guitar myself actually, a US made Baker which retails at well over £1500 that I picked up for £330 on eBay, I will put a link to it, its plays absolutely brilliantly, and the duncans in it are HOT with overdrive, but crystal clear when coil tapped add clean. ... %3AIT&rd=1

I am actually quite dissapointed by the lack of posts on the Newcastle thread compared to others, to geordies not have the internet or something?
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A great show!... At last we got to see Steve play live, I'm so very very happy. It surpassed all my expectations.

My buddy got me into Steve's music years ago at college, also into playing guitar (God rest his soul - RIP Han, you'll be sorely missed).... happy times, a mad blend of Zappa, Satriani, Vai... the Attitude Song floored me! I was hooked. I never ever thought I'd see the guy play live here in the UK. Also a huge bonus, waiting for an hour in the p***ing rain after the show and we got to meet the great man and get his autograph, plus chat with everyone.

All I can say is a million thanks Steve (and the gang), for your musicianship, professionalism... and also taking the time out to meet people after the show, something not necessary for you to do, but greatly appreciated... I hope the stainless steel guitar pick I gave you works OK!!!

LOVE AND PEACE EVERYONE do good things xxx. :D
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This was my first vai concert and I was utterly amazed.

Im only 13 and this was my first proper concert and it has got to be the best concert I have been too (I went to alot of gigs after that and nothing topped vai).

Eric Sardinas I had never actually heard of before but after seeing him he was awesome and I met him after and got his autograph.

When Vai was on the best songs I remember him playing were Building The Church, Midway Creatures (and the solo that was on a short movie on the movie section on was mindblowing, note perfect!) and not forgetting Bad Horsie and The Audience is Listening.
Then at one point Vai and Shehan played back to back on different instruments which was awesome.

At the end when he was playing for the love of god I got a pic on my phone which vai looked at me for and smiled but he was too quick and the pic went blurry and I also remember some guy shouting 'Come on Stevie!' which was pretty cool also I near shook his hand and the drummer was giving his sticks out and I was so close to getting one but was knocked over so someone else got it (which I wasnt too happy about).

This has been the best concert I been too and I am certainly going too see Vai or G3 next time round. :D
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