Short Scale Jem, AZ, JS or the like...

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Short Scale 24 3/4 Ibanez-

Would love a Jem if it was a short scale 24 3/4 guitar. I get it... a Jem guitar is 25.5 scale. And so is the Satriani and lets include everything from EVH and Charvel... its all 25.5 scale.
I have spoken to support with Ibanez and they say a short scale could be made but if it was a Jem, it would require Steve Vai's approval. I have looked high and low and have called many sources in search of a short scale jem-like guitar and decided leaving this post could be another try on my part. My idea was to email Stve Vai but it does not look as if that is an easy thing to accomplish. But on this subject, I mean really...what about the person that simply does not have the hand/finger size to stretch on a 25.5 scale guitar? Its a physics thing...if your fingers are not long enough, 25.5 just isn't a good fit. And I can hear some of you saying; if you can play a 24 3/4...just stretch a little. Well, what if a 24 3/4 is stretching a little? Make sense? So what is that person left with? Fender mustang or child's guitar?
If I don't want a gibson or epiphone -or a copy of- and do want an Ibanez AZ, Jem or Satch... I am left with 25.5 scale.
Ibanez support says a tremelo on a short scale would work fine. How about a shorty jem or satch or RG?
Ibanez currently offers the fireman (paul gilbert signature) but after that...nothing but less expensive starter guitars. Want to look? Go to Sweetwaters site and use a search of 24 3/4 scale guitars and Ibanez...see what comes up. It is a sad selection! Except for the fireman so no offense to paul gilbert intended. But I don't want a Fireman.
Seems simple enough to put a shorter neck on an Ibanez AZ, Jem or Satch but another Namm has now passed and still nothing for me. Or how about bring back the Ibanez destroyer and put a trem on it? That would be a short scale.
If you are reading this and have influence - like Steve Vai has with Ibanez- please do what you can to move this subject forward.
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