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:guitar MESSAGE FOR STEVE VAI OR ANY OTHERS THAT OWN A ONE OF A KIND GUITAR -FLAME GUITAR:: A long long time ago....in a musical era now far far away.
I resided at 1750 sycamore ave. in Hollywood Ca. in the late 80's. word spread like wildfire of the theft of Steve Vai's famous flame guitar as most of the residents on that street were M.I. students. i wasn't,
i just lived there, but i heard the word and at that period in my life, let's just say i knew a lot of people....in Hollywood. i knew everyone. so i began to look and found your guitar in a matter of hours. a friend of mine Chris had purchased it from the thief. and he refused to give it back at my suggestion.
so i decided to sit Chris down and tell him the real story behind my guitar. a one of a kind Jackson Randy Rhoads model with Harpoon Headstock. and what certain "special" guitars mean to those who own them. for many years i avoided talking about my mothers passing opting to only say she died in a car accident. which was a lie. So i go to Chris, you know....my mother didn't die in a car accident. she had her brains blown out with a sawed off shotgun by my father. in the midst of the chaos my aunt seized the opportunity to force my brothers and i to sign a document called power of attorney to her. this gave her the right to sell our home and use the bulk of the money to pay for attorneys fees for the scumbag...who i learned later in life wasn't even my real father. but that's another story altogether.
stay focused. what little money was left was divided between 4 boys and put into a trust fund which i acquired at 18 after interest that amounted to a little over 5 grand. with cash in hand i went directly to Guitar center in Chicago with a hand drawn(spinal tap) sketch of my guitar on a Napkin.
and told them i wanted all 3 of Randy Rhoads's guitars combined into 1. 17 months later my guitar was complete. it cost 2,850 with the rest of the money i bought a Marshall 1/2 stack and plane tick to Los Angeles. Not to become a Rockstar so to speak. i was more interested in Film. anyway the point of the story Chris is that Guitar my guitar represents my Mother who i feel was stolen from me. at the very young age of 7. So what do you know about Steve Vai? do you know him? what if.....because you know,.....that flame guitar...it is one of a kind. what might that represent to him?
Chris goes wow......Dan.... you convinced me. i'm gonna give it back. and he did i think you gave him an autograph or something. i made sure everybody i knew chipped in and donated the money chris had lost by returning the guitar. but that whole story was 30 years ago. and every single person from that era is gone today. that i knew, if they are around i have no idea where. Hollywood is a much different place now with astronomical prices on rentals your 800 a month unit now rents for 2450. I've never lived in any type of rent controlled place. moved a lot but kept up with the increases for 30 years. until 2 years ago i got injured working on a tv show. disability ran out. unemployment is barely enough eat. and i funds were exhausted. i sleep in my car and had to sell my "mother" to guitar center on ventura here in the valley for the paltry humiliating sum of 300.00 so i could eat. 2 carrots 2 twix bars and a hand ful of grapes for x-mas. so i beg anyone who knows the meaning of the value of a special guitar to please buy my axe and sell it back to me. it will take about 3 months for me to get back on my feet. i start a new job Thursday. i will pay whatever interest you want. please Steve....i saved your baby. help me if you can

Dan Diehl
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