Les Paul style guitars: not good for blues?

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I'm thinking about getting an Epi Les Paul. I like the feel of it , however, I don't know whether it is a good guitar for playing blues?

I don't know of any bluesmen who use a Les Paul style guitar.

Is this model good for the blues?
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Didin't BB King use a Les Paul ?
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depends what you call blues..... Original Fleetwood mac.. Peter greens Les Paul later owned by Gary moore. probably the most famous les paul ever. Joe Bonamassa plays les pauls all the time. Clapton has used them, BB king played a 335 albert king played a fying V Freddie King and John lee Hooker both played Gibsons with Humbuckers. Its not the instrument you play its how you play. Watch Gary moore play Peter greens les Paul (still got the blues) and other songs.
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