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I Got my first copy via the VAI.COM merchandise ect. company. The second copy came from amazon. This post is for those that are and or were as frustrated as I was with Bandmerch. Stay patient as your order will eventually show up even if you cancel the order. They are impossible to communicate with and never sent any update as to shippping or anything else for that matter. The last email I sent to them was instruction to cancel my order which finally generated a response from them that they would cancel it and a refund could take thirty days. A week later my order was delivered. After I cancelled the order I placed another order on Amazon. So now I have two which is more than fine.
Now for the positives:
As a 54 year old beginner/novice I have used multiple sources via the web and other publications to learn and absorb as much as possible. I LOVE VAIDEOLOGY. For me Steve's approach to writing and delivering various explanations was easy to understand and enlightening. There have been many epiphany moments. There is a multitude of information available for beginners and for those who are considering learning how to play the guitar it can be very confusing for many reasons. For me it began with questions such as Lefty or Righty? What should my first guitar be? Acoustic or electric? Which amp? And on and on and on.
READ the introduction as for those of you who are just starting or are in a rut with regards to your musical journey, it says it all. I've read the intro many times as its a great reminder as to why, especially for me and at this point in my life that I decided to leave the excuses behind and learn to play and follow the passion. So it may take awhile to get your copy but its well worth the wait and hey, you might end up with more than one. :guitar
Once again, Love VAIDEOLOGY.
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