There's Still Hope

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Howdy guys,

Can't remember the last time I even posted on here, I know it's been some time. Still noticing a few familiar people since about 12 years ago, good to see the forum still going strong!

I have a question. I've been a fan of Steve for over 20 years now. I've only this week found a song I never realised he'd done (and yes I even own every album)! Shocked me to my core!

The track is from the Various Mysteries, Archives 3.5, titled There's Still Hope.

It's a track by Bob Harris who played in the Zappa band, and Steve did a few solo tracks with. I can find literally 0 information about this track, but i'd love to find some lyrics and even a tab would be incredible.

And if noone knows what i'm on about, check it out, it's a real hidden gem!

Warm regards

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