Alternate picking question

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I've started paying attention to my picking technique and I've noticed that when I am alternate picking I am not taking into account the rhythm groupings, note lengths or rests in songs I play.

I have added down and upstrokes to an example of a Rock School Grade 5 piece to show how I alternate pick.


Am I correct in thinking that I'm actually doing it wrong and it should actually be played as I've drawn below?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!
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Use what you find is most natural for youself.
If speed is an issus, then you could do an analyze of what you are doing to see
if there is a more economical way to get through.

Think about it, do you belive e.g. Prince ever sat down and thought about his rhythm playing
in such details? Keep it natural, I belive if flows most easy then.

You just feel what is most natural for yourself.
Can be something different from how other players like to play.
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One only suggestion: when practicing, always use a metronome. Seriously, it will help develop technique faster. And remember, playing is not practicing.
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