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i'm practicing alternate picking at the moment and are trying all sorts of different picks,just wondering if anyone had any advice on what sort of pick would be good for this.i'm thinking the thicker type 1.5mm and up with a point,also if brian reads this could you let me know what picks you use or recomend in response to your previous post in the tips on playing fast thread,i believe the right pick might make a big difference as to whether or not i can get this technique down or not.Thanks
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don't make your pick control you/your playing

be able to do anything and everything with a light pick a thick pick a jazz pick or any pick-

i knew a great guitar player but he couldn't play this or that with a thick pick and had to use a thin one for certain things---

i say-- make sure you can do anything with any pick.

and about actually playing-
i used to develop random excersizes on the spot of picking patterns- UDUUUDUDU stuff like that (up and down)
i'd randomly think of them and then play them right away-
it's difficult- and you'll want to alternate pick only- but make sure you have full control over it-
make your right hand your bitch

while alt picking is what you should always be doing (unless the tone you want for that matter at the time is all down or up or whatever)
make sure you're not just alternate picking and brain dead- make your hand your bitch and be in full control and awareness of what its doing and test it to make sure you can do whatever.
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I like that make your hand your bitch ,...rather thought provoking 8)
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I find that 1mm pick suit me best for that kind of playing, not too thick, but just rigid enough so that it doesn't get in the way.

The small jazz ones I've heard that are preferred by mane people but I just can't seem to be comfortable with them. Too damn small
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I use the Dunlop Jazz III`s. Been using the black ones for about 19 years, just got some of the carbon fiber ones and love them. Like some others have said, try not to let your equipment determine your playing. Use a pick you`re comfortable with and stick with it. I can play anything with a soft pick that I can with my jazz 3, I just prefer them so it`s what I use. Nice sharp tip so they don`t "drag" across the string. Going much further with that would be splitting hairs, so just play what you like, build the technique to play faster!
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I use the Dunlop Jazz III too. It's the best pick I found. It's also suggested in Cracking the Code of Troy Grady, the to-go resource for guitar picking
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