The mid 80's to late 90's felt like a very experimental time for alternative and rock music

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It was around the the time when MTV was huge and music videos were getting bigger and more complex. While the major labels like Atlantic, WB, Elektra, A&M, Interscope, Geffen, Columbia, Reprise, Capitol, etc were signing different, niche, and more experimental bands and artists like Ween, Primus, Monster Magnet, King Missile, Bjork, Mr Bungle, Butthole Surfers, plus grunge became a sensation in the 90's which definitely helped.

But it felt like that kind of experimentation died off once Universal absorbed Polygram in 1999. Since then the industry kept downsizing and less risks were taken as far as Alternative and rock acts goes. And even today you see more pop and rap stars get signed on more and they are more successful now. Even to the point where a major label like Epic later became Def Jam 2.0. But now you see more niche labels like Sub Pop and Domino signing more experimental bands and having more success in indie labels

Do you think one day we will see that kind of experimentation with major labels again or they will continue to play it safe?
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