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Top Tips and Tricks for Using Your Slow Cooker

For those who have added ingredients to a top reviewed slow cooker and fantasized all day about the fantastic dish inside, you must genuinely love this useful appliance. As it can help out a lot with your daily meals, make sure you know the following top tips for mastering the slow cooker.

1. Reduce your preparation time

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One of the major attractions for a lot of people is the ease of slow cookers. That is why you should avoid those suggesting a lot of pre-preparation when you are looking for recipes. For many dishes, especially stews and soups, you can add all the ingredients in the cooker.

2. Prepare for slow cooking the night before

For cooks who are short on time in the morning, gear up for everything needed for the slow-cooked meal the previous night, and put it into the dish before covering and storing in the fridge overnight.

3. Pick cheap cuts


It is excellent to cook cheaper cuts of meat, like lamb shoulder, beef brisket, and chicken thighs, using a slow cooker. Also, you can use less meat because slow cooking extracts a meaty flavor that permeates the whole dish.

4. Cut down on liquid when using your slow cooker

Since the lids of all slow cookers with Image the best products reviews will be tightly sealed, liquid does not evaporate at all. If you are adapting a standard recipe, reducing the liquid by about a third is the best. It should just about cover vegetables and meat.

5. Thicken sauces using flour

The liquid also does not thicken. You can choose to roll the meat in seasoned flour before putting it in to the cooker, or use corn flour at the end. If you do the latter, take at most two teaspoons of corn flour and mix it to a paste with cold water. After stirring this slurry into the simmering cooker contents, replace the lid.


6. Leave the slow cooker to do its thing

Your slow cooker is made to do its own thing, so it is unnecessary to keep checking the contents. Whenever you take the lid off it, some of the heat will be released. If you keep doing so, you'll have to raise the cooking time.

7. Use the ‘Low’ setting

Use this setting as much as possible for your dishes to bring out the flavors. By doing so, you also won't need to worry when heading out for the day; it will take care of itself.

8. How long to cook slow cooker recipes?

For a dish that usually takes from 15 minutes to half an hour, you should cook it for one or two hours n High or around four hours on Low. For those that take 30-60 minutes, your meal will be ready after about six hours on Low or two to three hours on High. Cook the one to two hour dish for three to four hours on High or seven hours on Low. When you use the slow cooker to make two to four hour dishes, four to six hours are needed on High and eight to 12 hours on Low.

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Out of all of the available Amazon products for your kitchen, slow cookers are a fantastic appliance for making your meals easy and delicious. Still, before you venture into the world of slow cooking, make sure you use this item effectively and safely. Follow the tips above to make the most of this handy appliance.
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Dire Straits is awesome, but recently I have been finding myself changing this all the time. At the present moment my favourite guitar solo is Star Scream by Tramaine.
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