The Crying Machine - played by young man with his feet !

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Hi Frieds and - Dear Steve !

found a youtubeclip, where 2 Guys play "The Crying Machine".
Johnatha Bastos and Patrick Souza.

One of them, Johnatha - a young man who, because he has no arms,
play the Guitar with his Feet ! :guitar

so absolute brilliant, it will really touch your Heart !

here's the link : ... _jIgrqafxc" onclick=";return false;

please - if someone has Contact with Steve - show him this Clip !
i know, he will appreciate it.

thank You All and have a good Time.

Schweino :)
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Joined: Thu May 01, 2003 5:15 pm :shock: . That makes me feel a little guilty for what I'm doing with my fingers at this point.

Thanks for inspiring!
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I honestly did not believe the title of this post until I watched the video. Absolutely crazy!!
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