what ever happend to wasp?

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Wasp was bad ass back in the day. I saw them before they hit it big in 1983 or 1984. It was a Krokus, wasp, helix show in that order. I didnt know krokus music back then, so i remember wasp stole the show being the middle act! Helix was cool too since i already knew their tunes of that time, but wasp totally rocked the walls down. The blood, fire and skulls was insane back then.

I was able to see them 2 times in the 80's and 2 times in the early 90's. Absolutely great shows even though chris holmes didnt play with them in the 90's. He had his own sound and could play a mean rythem and lead that fit the band.

In the mid 90's i went to see them in a local detroit club, but they got booed off stage 15 minutes in as motorhead was the headliner and the crowd that night was only there to see them.. bummer... i went only to see wasp. Never been a big motorhead fan. Lemmy is an ambassador to metal, but just not my choice to listen to..

Just heard that chris holmes has been living from his car in hollywood and waiting for the old hotdogs from a 7-Eleven to close for the night or some crap. Mentioned on a recent that metal show tv program. dont indulge in a lifetime of crazy drugs and blow your money or that could be you i guess is the result of that sad news story of a once good guitarist.
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Is Lucy Lawless (the actress that plays Xena princess warrior) a relative of Blackie Lawless?
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