Jem777 1991 in our studio

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First post here.
In real life I'm a photographer specialized in teaching workshops.
For my work please visit

After a break of 17 years I picked up guitar again a few months ago, when I was young the only thing I can remember doing was playing, playing, playing.
I even bought the book "Passion and warfare" to learn all the songs.... which I now keep as a momentum that some things are better to keep than to learn :-)

When I was young I always "lusted" for a Jem but couldn't afford it.
This week I finally bought my dream guitar, a JEM 777 from 1991.

And being a photographer... well I couldn't resist.
We will be featuring the Jem more often during shoots I think, it's an awesome machine. ... -7XbBd3C/A ... -Vt3QSk6/A

Hope you guys like it.

And if Steve is reading.... would love to photograph you in our studio or on location.
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