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As a lot or at least some of you know i have ben taking photos of Steve over the last nr 15 years or more and because of this i have been contacted many times for photos from the many shows i have shot .

today i have been contacted again because there are sets of photos on ebay from the recent UK Manchester show i was at...the photos must have been taken literally feet away from where i took mine ....although the seller is based in the US .

i just feel the need to let everyone know i DO NOT sell my photos to anyone , But yes i have given 'some' as in 1 or 2 away to close/good friends as gifts so im guilty of that but NEVER SOLD

but the sets you see on ebay are NOT MINE

Sorry about the rant guys just dont want to get into trouble from the Vai camp/management

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Hope that is clear for every one now!

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Last month, I attended an Oceanfront concert with my friend who is a aerial photographer NSW. I really had awesome times of my life at that concert.
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