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An idea for a gear-related Alien Guitar Secrets stream

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 4:43 am
by matic22

firstly, I must say I have been enyoing the AGS live streams a lot. Thanks Steve and team for doing that.

I would just like pass on an idea for one of those. I think it would be a great idea for Steve to speak how he develops a bond with a particular instrument. We know that there are a couple of different artists. One group always brings new instruments on tour and is constantly changing their guitars (like Joe Satriani), while the other develop a bond with a particular instrument (like Steve). Since Steve is currently switching to PIAs, I think it would be great for him to talk about his bonding with his main guitars through the years, maybe talk about each one, what was recorded with it and then maybe play it. Since most of his main guitars from the past are still at Harmony Hut, I think it would be great to hear some stories about them and how/why Steve picked them as his go-to instruments. It would also be a great addition to guitar gallery.

So, I think there are previous and current main guitars, that would be cool to see:

-Sticker Strat (SV 147), 1976-1984

-Green Meanie (SV 10), 1984-1986
IN RNR HOF, but it would still be great to hear more about it, maybe Elwood (who is with BFG) could share some information.

-#1 Jem (SV 229), 1987-1989
Again, with a touring museum, but Steve could still talk a bit about it.

-Flo (SV 87) 1987-1989 (Pre-refinish), 1999-2010 (Post-refinish)

-Bodhi (SV 84), 1989-Present
Apparently main studio 7-string as it sounds great, but it fights too much live.

-Zahara (SV 107), 1990
Main live 7-string.

-Aiden (SV 39), 1991- 1993

-Evo (SV 132), 1993-Present

-Bo (SV 149) 2001-Present

-Flo III (SV 133) 2010-2020(?)

-White Ibanez PIA (#2 Proto, SV 377?) with Fernandes Sustainer
Flo III's heir. Would be interesting for Steve to talk how he bonds with a new guitar.

That would be so cool.