Carvin Comments?

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Has Steve commented on the Carvin situation anywhere? He has his amps and it doesn't necessarily mean beans to him but he has been associated with them for a long time. I would have thought a brief eulogy would be in the works if nothing else.
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Well, it looks like Carvin is not dead after all. Here is what they just posted on the Carvin Facebook page.

On January 23, 2018

Carvin Amps and Audio announces the relaunch of, which offers a brand-new user experience. We will continue our 70+ year legacy by providing musicians and sound professionals with solutions to their everyday needs with tube guitar pedals, in-ear monitor systems, wireless microphones, and gig essentials like D/I boxes and power conditioners.

Expect new products from Carvin Amps and Audio in 2018 including a new tube preamp guitar pedal, which is based on one of our most iconic tube amps, to be released at the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Visit us and demo the new pedal at the Acacia Guitars booth #4249 and the Vola Guitars booth #4334 at NAMM 2018.

Stay tuned for more information about the new tube preamp guitar pedal!
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can any of u fine forum users tell me are carvin gonna keep any product range for sale and if so sad hey.this is what happens when chinese manufacturing outstrips the world,the price we pay for those cheap [TRUE BYPASS HA HA]distortion pedals.on that note silver bypass switchs with chinese crap does not = true your new chinese pedal up and have a look.some are done right and others are a pure gimmick.any rip carvin you where a awesome if anyone knows the products they might still sell and manufacture id be stoked to get a link as i cant find any info cheers
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