February 02, 1997

Hey folks,

We’re in Kuala Lumpur right now. Pretty wild place with some very serious rules. I can’t take my shirt off onstage or use any offensive language, and when I do press for national TV, I have to tie my hair back. When you arrive on the plane, it says right on the disembarkation card that drug traffickers will be sentenced to death under Malaysian law. We go on at 11 pm and must be off by 1 am for religious observations and let me tell you, I ain’t gonna mess with that one. It’s basically Muslim based here.

Tomorrow we go to Singapore and they are even more strict. They have not had many rock bands there lately so they’re planning a big reception with flowers and all. Then we go to the gig to have a meeting with government officials to go over the lyrical content of the show, they will tell me what is suitable to perform and what is not. Boy are they in for a surprise. Chewing gum is illegal and my CD “Sex and Religion” was banned in Malaysia. By the way, some of the new guys drank the water and Yoohoo is rocketing out of their assholes.

The next day we fly to Jakarta and try to avoid the rioting. God only knows what Korea has in store but ya know what, I love it, I really do. Bring it on.

I also have to tell you about Japan. It was astounding. The shows went very well and the fans were fantastic. Tokyo is such a beautiful city, the Japanese keep it very clean. There’s this crazy club in Roppongi called The Lexington Queen. It’s were all the refugee American models hang out after hours. We have video, yes we have video of the band partying it up over at the Queen. You especially have to see Mike Keneally dancing and singing Nirvana on the dance floor at the top of his lungs. Faces still hurt from laughing so much.Wish you were there.

South America looks like it’s coming in for March. Yeah!