Fan sites



(Please note this page is for archive purposes only – we no longer maintain or update this list of sites). 

Our list of fan-made (unofficial) Steve Vai sites continues to grow. 

In alphabetical order:

Alberto Palomo’s Vai On Mexico Page

Alien Acid – A Tribute to Steve Vai

Anthony’s Steve Vai Page

Chris Jauncey’s Steve Vai Tribute Page

Czech Steve Vai Site

Dutch Steve Vai Radio Interview

Elite’s Legacy – A Tribute to Steve Vai

Erotic Nightmares

EVO – Steve Vai & Ibanez Jem Resources

The Generation Ibanez Project

Graffiti Online – The Steve Vai Interview

Grubbi Kids Stuff

Hakans Steve Vai Page

Ibanez Rules

The Jem And Universe Pages

Jem7BSB – Ibanez Jem 7BSB Website


La Maison – Page de Feedback – Steve Vai

Steve Vai (Polish)

Steve Vai – Biographie (French)

Steve Vai Dutch Links Page

Steve Vai Fan’s Station

Steve Vai’s Guitar Apprentices Radio

Steve Vai Quote-athon

Steve Vai Resource Page

Steve Vai Web Trap

Steve Vai’s Garden (Polish/English)

Steve Vai’s Universe (French)

Stevie Spanked!

Stevie Stuff

Themespace – Jay Scrivner’s Steve Vai Themes (warning: lots of popups!)

The Ultra Zone

Universal Jems


Yahoo! Steve Vai Club

Yahoo Vai Mailing List

Zoltan’s Vai Page (warning: may freeze some browsers)