Vai-tal Used Gear Sales

The house is full, the studios are full; the attics, basements and pool houses are full! Full of gear that Steve Vai breathed fire with, that is! is going to be selling “Steve’s Used Gear” Vai’s actual equipment, as part of a fall cleanup that will continue with one piece of Steve Vai owned/used gear once a month for as long as it takes. Items will be sold in a highest-bid, online auction style sale. These items may range from guitars, amps, pedals, accessories, clothing, stage accessories and etc. Each piece of monthly gear will be posted here  at the beginning of the month and then hit E*bay 10 days before it’s final action sale priced.

All transactions will go through Ebay. You can contact us via Ebay with questions about the items (serious enquiries only, please!). Additional discussion can take place through our message board.



Steve’s First Leather Jacket w Hand Painted “Fire Garden” Artwork from Tabitha Rose

Buyers for this month’s Vai-Tal used gear auction will have a chance to own the very first leather jacket Steve purchased with stunning new artwork of Steve’s “Fire Garden” album cover by Tabitha Rose.

Visit the auction here.

From Steve:

“I always loved the look of these long leather coats and when I was around 18 years old and going to school in Boston I decided to have one made. A big step for a guy living on cereal and peanut butter. I loved this coat and wore it for years and then just kept it in my attic until Tabitha Rose recently spun some serious magic on it”

-Steve Vai

The jacket is in remarkably good condition for being over 30 years old and the addition of the Fire Garden cover artwork is sure to elicit a fond memory of those who saw Steve perform in 1996-1998, as the stage had a full cloth backdrop of the Fire Garden cover.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the “Make-a-Noise” Foundation.

Buyer to pay shipping from Los Angeles, California. You might even find a handful of signature picks in one of the pockets…