Please note that:

– We are unable to send out any autographed pictures etc.

– We can’t arrange Steve’s appearances on your record, festival, wedding etc.

– We can’t arrange a short video of Steve for you

– We can’t arrange any photo passes or backstage passes.

– We can’t send you any guitars.

– We can’t arrange interview requests.

– We can’t arrange bookings.

– We can’t arrange contact with management.

– Our domain is NOT for sale (really, this gets asked at least once a week…)


For tickets and EVO package related questions, please visit our EVO FAQ page.

Tickets and EVO packages are being sold through external parties (Ticketmaster and such) – not through itself. For any issue with these, please contact the appropriate party.

For webstore and merchendise issues, please see the webstore contact there.


Thank you.

Due to the overload on Spam and requests for the above mentioned things we cannot do, we have decided to no longer have a contact email available.