The Voice, Perth Community Interview (2013)

The Voice, Perth community newspaper     – Some virtuoso musicians have so much technical ability they can lose the audience in a flurry of notes, but you and Joe Satriani consistently beguile and captivate your audience. What’s the secret? Is melody king? S- Thanks, not entirely sure what the “secret” is but the things…> Read More

New Yooxer Interview (2013)

STEVE VAI QUESTIONS 1)    Which of your songs best portrays you? S- The next one.   2)    Who do you most like of the new music generation? S-  My two boys, Julian and Fire, and their generation of friends are pretty cool too.   3)    Your most memorable concert? S-  In 5th grade I was…> Read More

Canberra Times Q&A 2013

Q&A for The Canberra Times newspaper, Canberra       1. The Real Illusions trilogy: why have you decided to take a three-stage approach in creating this body of work? S- It’s actually a Quadriology and will eventually be in 4 stages. The first stage was “Real Illusions” The Second stage is “The Story of…> Read More

Scene Magazine Q&A

Q&A for Scene Magazine, Brisbane       What was the defining moment that made you want to learn guitar? S- I was 5 years old and this kid that was perhaps 8 came to school with an electric guitar and was strumming and playing it. I was stunned, had an epiphany and immediately fell…> Read More

Interview for Italian Press 2013

First of all thank you very much for agreeing this interview… S- Piacere e mio.   You’re on a very strict schedule this summer, divided by the Steve Vai & Evolution Tempo Orchestra tour, Master Classes and The Story of Light Tour 2013… where is your effort towards from here? S- After the Evolution orchestra…> Read More

BMA Magazine, Australia, Interview

BMA Magazine, Canberra, Australia: Steve Vai interview questions, by Chris Downton     It’s only been just over a year since you last toured as part of the G3 line-up. Is Australia a place that you particularly enjoy touring / visiting? S- I always get excited to tour in Australia. There is a very different…> Read More

Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand Interview

Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand     What first attracted you to playing guitar? S- The moment I first saw someone playing it I was 5 years old and they were perhaps 8. The way it looked and hung on the body, the sound that came out of it when it was hit hard or…> Read More