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Has the Steve Vai interactive CD-ROM been released? (Dawn B., Australia)

(Revised answer) The CD-ROM project evolved into the DVD for “Alien Love Secrets”. There were plans to work on an interactive guitar instructional DVD and a second DVD for “Alien Love Secrets”, but these things take a lot of time and work and in the midst of records and tours, the instructional DVD just didn’t happen. The idea has not been abandoned, but it has been shelved for now. Don’t fret, however — check out our new Little Black Dots section with interactive guitar lessons online right here at! (If you’d like to get the “Alien Love Secrets” DVD, you can order one online from our Merchandise section,, or find them at just about any music store!

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What books have you been reading lately? (Yoshiko Y., Japan)

“I just read ‘Quest For Light’ by Maharaj Charan Singh Ji. It’s a beautiful book of letters written by a guru to his disciples.”

(Look at

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Is Steve’s wife Pia the female singer on “Flex-Able” named Pia Maiocco? (Patrick W., Austria)

Yep. It’s Pia who says “Just go for it!” in the middle of ‘Viv Woman’ – and at the beginning and middle of ‘Jibboom’ too! A Tae Kwon Do black-belt, she also played bass in Vixen in the mid 80’s, and had a few smaller roles in movies including “Hardbodies”.

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Are the “Little Alligator” lyrics a slap against transsexuals in general? As the “finest transsexual metal singer” according to BAM Magazine, should I be offended? (Christine B., San Francisco CA)

Steve replies:

“The song was written about one transsexual in particular whom my wife & I were entertained by in a club in Miami. I never meant it to be disrespectful, I don’t do that with my music. Only you know what will offend you. I’m terribly sorry if anyone was offended by these lyrics. Trust me, I don’t judge people by their sexual orientation.”

Answers 68

What happened to Steve’s big heart-shaped guitars, as seen in the Just Like Paradise video? (Steve B., England)

There were originally two of those guitars, one was seen in the video and an extra was built as a spare. During the Fire Garden album release party/performance in Universal City, CA on Sept 17, 1996, Steve donated the original guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe where the release party was held. (He also donated his outfit from the Guitar Legends festival). The spare guitar was later taken on the Ultra Zone tour, where Steve used it to perform “Fever Dream.” At the conclusion of the Ultra Zone tour, it was raffled by Steve’s nonprofit charity The Make A Noise Foundation, and the lucky winner was Eddie Andersson from Sweden!

Steve actually has a third heart-shaped guitar that is actually painted a metallic purple. It will be available for your viewing pleasure shortly in the Guitar Gallery.

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Does Steve still keep in touch with Devin Townsend? (Kelly C., Alberta Canada)

“Yes, I talk to Devin occassionally. He always sends me his latest projects, and believe me, they’re devastato. He’s really a brilliant dude and his music is so intense. He’s the most unpredictable person I’ve ever met. And I’m a pure instigator, so when we both get together it’s quite the extravaganza”.

(Visit Devin @

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For our first online issue of Answers, we will reprint some questions and answers from past issues of Steve’s official fan club magazine, Greasy Kid’s Stuff.

Is Steve ever going to be in a movie again? (Angie M., Jonesboro ME)

“Well, if the right movie comes along, sign me up”

Steve has actually received several offers to appear in other movies since “Crossroads”, but

“most of the time people send me scripts for the part of the demonic, nasty, mean apparition. I wonder what ever gave them the idea that I’d be good in a role like that?”