A Note From Steve...

Flex-Able 36th Anniversary Release is out now!

Well, it’s been more than 36 years since Flex-Able was released but when I decided to do this it was 36 years old, eh. I love this crazy little record and wanted to get one final up-to-date mastering done by Bernie Grundman himself who is perhaps the greatest vinyl mastering engineer in the business. We…> Read More

New Music Video for “Teeth of the Hydra”

Enjoy! s “Teeth of the Hydra ” from Steve Vai’s new album “Inviolate” Listen to “Inviolate”: https://smarturl.it/steve_vai Order “Inviolate” Vinyl/Merch: http://vaimerch.com Official Website: https://www.vai.com The guy that plays that funny guitar – Steve Vai Director – BJ McDonnell Producer – John Heller Producer – Jason Salzman Director Of Photography – Eric Leach Art Director –…> Read More

Inviolate Vinyl Released Today

For the Vinyl release of “Inviolate”, we mixed the record to 1/2 inch analog and had Bernie Grundman master for the vinyl. When I played it through speakers and compared it with the digital masters, I was stunned at the warmth and richness of the vinyl. It has a friendlier effect on the psyche. https://stevevai.myshopify.com…> Read More

Inviolate out today!

My new record “Inviolate” is out today. The release day of a new record for an artist can feel like finally giving birth! I enjoy my life as a musician very much and days like today are those special moments. That feeling of enthusiasm to write, record and perform music has never left me, and…> Read More

Happy happy merry merry!

Greetings Folks, I want to wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and a prosperous 2022 and beyond beyond. I hope you have all found some silver linings over this last year. What I do to help myself get through the Covid challenges is to reflect on all the ways the pandemic has actually…> Read More

“Inviolate” – pre-order now!

My new record “Inviolate” drops January 28th, 2022. It’s the culmination of 61 years worth of inspiration and training. It oozes delicious melodies and fierce pyrotechnics. It will also lift you up to levels of delight that will make the rest of your life a beautiful experience… well, maybe not but… close. Steve Vai’s  “Inviolate”…> Read More

Vai Academy 6.0

HELLO AGAIN! After this last year and a half, where everybody has been thrown a curve, it’s going to be a blessed relief to get together once again. Being with another person and playing music together is a completely different headspace than anything else in the world. It’s different from playing sports, it’s different from…> Read More