Steve Supports StarJam Charity

Steve supports Starjam, a charity based in Auckland, New Zealand that gives children with special needs the chance to feel like superstars as they sing, dance and perform together on stage. They are currently doing some fundraising to keep their doors open & they’ve posted a “Save Starjam” video along with a donation link on this website.


StarJam Fundraising Campaign

Wish Steve a Happy Birthday!

Today is Steve’s birthday! Wish him a happy birthday message on the message boards here.

Although he will be busy performing with The Evolution Tempo Orchestra tonight in Moscow, Russia, Steve may just read each and every birthday message in the thread, as he is known to do.

Naked Tracks Volumes 6 & 7 – Coming June 6, 2013


Steve Vai is set to release Naked Tracks Volumes 6 & 7 on June 6th 2013. The Naked Tracks CDs are the exact tracks from Steve’s solo releases without the lead guitar- so you can play, improvise, shred, rap- whatever, on top of the recordings to make it your own. Volume 6 features selections from “Where The Wild Things Are” and “Sound Theories.” Volume 7 features all tracks from Steve’s latest solo release, “The Story of Light.” For more information, visit the homepage on June 6th.

Steve Vai tracks available through Jammit App


Steve has released “Juice,” “The Attitude Song,” and “Tender Surrender” for users to enjoy using Jammit- a music platform app that allows users to isolate guitar or bass tracks so musicians can play along with the original multi-track recordings. Hear Steve’s every lick at full speed or slow down the the track without losing the original pitch while corresponding tablature or notation scrolls by. For more information visit

Steve’s Guitars for “The Story of Light” Tour


Steve’s longtime guitar tech, Thomas “TimeSpeed” Nordegg, shows us Steve’s touring guitars backstage on “The Story of Light’ Tour.” Video courtesy of CelestionUK. Store Updates Merch Store

You can now purchase exclusive merchandise from Steve’s “The Story of Light” US & European tour through the Store. The items include t-shirts, signed programs & a very bright LED Vai keychain light. Official CD/DVD releases, songbooks and custom bundles from previous tours are also available. Click here to see all items.

Steve interviewed by in Italy, an online music community for musicians based in Italy, interviews Steve about his career, the state of music distribution and the many opportunities for those who are pursuing a career in music now, with all the hopes and doubts that arise.



3 days ago

Hey folks, our G3 Reunion Tour is on sale now! We aren’t announcing any more dates for this run, so get your tickets and come celebrate G3 with us! ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

The concert in Tampere was a peak experience for me. It was especially magnificent to perform “The Still Small Voice” which consists of me holding one note for 20 minutes while the orchestra weaves in and out of it creating layers of dimensional sound colors from that one note. Thanks to my partners Co de Kloet, maestro Jukka Iisakkila, the most fabulous Tampere Filharmonia, and the most excellent Doug MacArthur. My cup runeth over. ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Rehearsals with the Tampere Filharmonia have come together nicely. 104 instruments that both whisper prayers and can scream bloody murder! What an outstanding group of people. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

This was shot on our first day of rehearsals in Tampere Finland, when we were just setting up for rehearsals for the Tampere Filharmonia. Very exciting to be back in Finland with this outstanding ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

G3 is back! After close to 30 years, the original G3 lineup will be going out again with myself, Joe and Eric. I’ve been hoping for this for as long as many of you have, and I’m so looking forward to being on that stage with my G3 brothers again.Details at www.g3tour.comTickets presale 9/13 and onsale 9/1501/23/24 - Tucson, AZ01/25/24 - Highland, CA01/26/24 - Scottsdale, AZ01/27/24 - Las Vegas, NV01/29/24 - Spokane, WA01/31/24 - Seattle, WA02/01/24 - Salem, OR02/02/24 - Reno, NV02/03/24 - Oakland, CA02/05/24 - Fresno, CA02/07/24 - El Cajon, CA02/09/24 - Los Angeles, CA02/10/24 - Los Angeles, CA ... See MoreSee Less
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