Answers 9

I was wondering what Steve’s opinion is on all this stuff going on about [peer-to-peer filesharing], mp3’s, and free music over the internet.
– Mike Ricci

S – “I think that ripping tracks from the Internet is a blatant disregard for the intellectual property rights of the artists that create the art, most of whom live hand to mouth. Believe it or not, “file sharing” is bringing the music industry to an all time low and at the end of this we will see at least a 25% decline is sales. That will put a lot of Indies out of business, make the majors smaller and less effective in marketing, and discourage many musicians from making music as it will seem more and more hopeless to make a living in the business. So, buyer beware of what your doing when you rip from the net. I have never even once in my life downloaded a track from the net for free because I know how it effects the artists.”