Answers 68

What happened to Steve’s big heart-shaped guitars, as seen in the Just Like Paradise video? (Steve B., England)

There were originally two of those guitars, one was seen in the video and an extra was built as a spare. During the Fire Garden album release party/performance in Universal City, CA on Sept 17, 1996, Steve donated the original guitar to the Hard Rock Cafe where the release party was held. (He also donated his outfit from the Guitar Legends festival). The spare guitar was later taken on the Ultra Zone tour, where Steve used it to perform “Fever Dream.” At the conclusion of the Ultra Zone tour, it was raffled by Steve’s nonprofit charity The Make A Noise Foundation, and the lucky winner was Eddie Andersson from Sweden!

Steve actually has a third heart-shaped guitar that is actually painted a metallic purple. It will be available for your viewing pleasure shortly in the Guitar Gallery.