Answers 48

What advice does Steve have for a struggling guitar player who just has a dream and a lot of guts?
– Dan Thomas, Manitoba, Canada

Steve replies:

“Have confidence in yourself. Practice all the time, research and study the music you love. Play with as many people as you can. Get a good understanding of the music biz so you can get an idea of what your sweat is worth so you don’t get ripped off. Never pose in a picture, say anything into a microphone or write anything on paper that you don’t believe in. Always be supportive and compassionate to your fellow musician, they have dreams too. There isn’t a value that you can put on the loyalty of a supportive fan. Listen to what other people have to say before you dismiss them, but always act on your own instinct. Ask yourself if what your doing is spiritualy healthy or not. Never lie or cheat anyone in this biz because it really sucks and you will bring that stuff right back on yourself. Think of the time in the future when you may be 80 years old and ask yourself if you feel as though you created a body of work that you’re proud of and has some kind of social redeeming value because if all you do is surround yourself with negativity in your life and music, then you will become a self fullfilling prophecy and a miserable parasite on civilization. Love music, use suncreen and wear a condom. Father Oblivion has spoken.”