Answers 43

Hello, I am Michael Pflügl from Germany, a great fan of Steve Vai. Where can I get the picture discs and the other stuff in Germany? The solo LPs and CDs I already have, but the picture discs and so on. Yours faithfully
– Michael Pflügl

The picture discs (12″ vinyl records with artwork printed on the actual vinyl) are “Passion And Warfare”, “Down Deep Into The Pain” and “In My Dreams With You”. They can be tough to find these days, but check the better music collector magazines and do internet searches. Try, I sometimes see them listed there (but be wary of spending too much!). Also, if you’re in Greasy Kid’s Stuff [1] and get the newsletter, you can advertise for free in the Passing Notes section and will very likely locate them that way.

[1] Please note that the Fan Club Greasy Kid’s Stuff and its newsletter no longer exist