Answers 42

Don’t you think that a few jars of Steve’s Light Without Heat Honey would make a great giveaway prize for a future GKS contest or random member drawing type thing? Yours truly,
– Greg Rodgers, Loyal GKS member & Vai fan

Steve has just harvested some honey which he is bottling now, and though most of this batch will go to friends & family, he will continue harvesting more honey (he has several full hives happening now, it’s getting scary up there) that we will be calling Fire Garden Honey. We’re not sure what we’re doing with it yet, but we’re pretty sure we’re going to auction it off at this site and the proceeds will go to the Make A Noise Foundation to help provide musical instruments and music education to kids who can’t afford those things, and GKS will surely snag a few bottles to give away in a Greasy Kid’s Stuff fan club contest of some kind. As long as you continue to be a “Loyal GKS member”(we like you!), you’ll get your chance. 🙂