Answers 41

Why can we not hear you playing in the jam at the end of the “G3 Live In Concert” video (last three songs)? We want G3, not G2! Johnson and Satch are perfectly clear but we can’t make out a note of Vai. What the hell is going on here? Please oh please let there be a sane answer.
– Jimmy and Steve, Dublin

You’re listening to it in mono. Joe is in the center, and Eric & Steve are panned hard left and hard right. If you’re not listening in stereo, it means you’ll hear either the left channel or the right channel but not both. Some people complain that they can’t hear Steve, others can’t hear Eric. You need to adjust your VCR & TV settings from mono to stereo, or upgrade to a stereo TV or VCR instead of mono. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve been missing.