Answers 40

I really want to buy a copy of the “Bad Squad” CD but I’m not looking to spend 100 bucks on a wah pedal just to get it! Is there any other way I can get it? Maybe it’s available through GKS which I am working on making some bucks to subscribe to (being a poor 17-year old guitarist / Vai-idolizer is hard!).
– Matt Barrus

The “Bad Squad” CD is not a proper Steve Vai release, as many fans appear to believe. It is a promo CD for Morley, who in alliance with Guitar Center, are having a huge promotion for Morley’s Bad Horsie wah wah pedal. If you buy the pedal at a Guitar Center store or at their website, you should be eligible for the CD while supplies last (contact them for more info while placing your order). The CD features the track “Bad Squad” and a second track which is the naked tracks of the first, so you can jam along. Greasy Kid’s Stuff has been graciously given 5 of these discs to give away to subscribers in GKS’s Bad Horsie writing contest, but otherwise it is available only through Guitar Centers when you buy the pedal.