Answers 4

Hi, I watched a program on TV the other day about one of the seven wonders of the world, which got me thinking, because they said something about an eye in a triangle/pyramid being on a note. I wasn’t really listening untill they talked about the triangle thing. I started listening because I saw the same triangle thing on Steve’s album ‘Passion and Warfare’. I didn’t realise ’til I came to find the email address – it’s also on the website. Unfortunately I didn’t catch what they said about it on the TV – but it’s something to do with ‘new order’ and alexandria. Could you tell me what this triangle symbol thing means? and why steve uses it?
thank you,
charlie .. big fan of steve

S – “If you research metaphysics you will find mystical meanings for pyramids and triangles, and the power of numerology and the number 7 being a prime focus. I had made many discoveries whilst I was seeking spiritual balance in my life. I believe there is cause and effect based in metaphysics, and the study of which can bring one closer to the roots of the human being. But l have also found that more than not they can be a big deterrent in the progress of spiritual evolution, and at times very dangerous. Numerology, mystics, fortune telling, etc., all have their place and their reality but at the core of the matter, is where the essence of it all really is, and everything else is just an obstacle in getting there. What I’m saying is, I wouldn’t worry about the pyramid and the numbers.”