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Hi Steve, I read in your answer to a Malaysian fan that you would like to return there on your upcoming tour. Australia is quite close to Malaysia (well, compared to say, Brooklyn, anyway), so is there any chance that Australia could be included on this tour? I know we don’t have a huge population but I’m sure you have a lot of fans over here. Incidentally, a friend of mine swears you were out here in ’98 on a publicity tour. Is he pulling my leg?
– Mark Rogers
(Sent in 1999)

A tour for “The Ultra Zone” will start internationally in January 2000 (an American tour begins in October ’99), and we will be doing that whole general Australasian region as thoroughly as we can then. Tour dates, when available, can be found here. (To answer your other question, Steve did not do a promo tour or anything else down there in ’98, but we’ll be back soon.)