“And I’m feelin’ good.”

“And I’m feelin’ good.”

Carlos Arellano: Tour manager & FOH sound engineer
Philip Bynoe: Bass
Jeremy Colson: Drums
Dante Frisiello & Dave Weiner: Guitar & keyboards

Christopher Huber: Drum tech & video director
Fire Vai: EVO meet & greet, Merchandise
Julian Vai: EVO meet & greet, Production assistant
Douglas Macarthur & Thomas Nordegg: Guitar Techs
Daniel Gonzalez: Monitor engineer, Vocals (FTLOG)
Nicholas Scout: Guitar Tech, Guitar
Philip Rice, Blayne Sovia & Javier Jasso: Lighting Directors
Tareq Knocks, Keegan Hughes & Pepe Garcia: Merchandise
Mavis Ma: Production Assistant, Promoter (East West Best)

Randy Salcedo & Chloe Peachey: Booking Agents (Sound Talent Group)
Steve Karas: Press agent

Favored Nations/Mascot Label Group: Label – Ed van Zijl (Owner) & Lauren Schuller (P.M.)
Pamela Dancy: Bookkeeping
Steven & Stephanie Bradley: Digital/Social Media, (9/9)
Jeroen Noordhuis: Vai.com
Michael Mesker: Art Design
Greg Wurth: Studio engineer
Margaret & Stacy Robley: CPA (R&R Business Management)
Gerald F. Rosenblatt: Legal (Law Office of Gerald F. Rosenblatt)
John Germinario: EVO Premium Package (237 Global)
Matt Wood: MerchNow
Jukka Iisakkila: Maestro (Conductor)
Co de Kloet: Creative Catalyst
Danny Heaps: Vai Academy Chief (Dreamcatcher)
Ricardo Cappelli: AGS Masterclass Producer
Tony Sartino: Wardrobe
Jason Henke: Management (Vector Entertainment)
Christina Bekin & Disraeli Balthasar: Management (The Creamery)

Ernie Ball
Fractal Audio
Synergy Guitar Amps

Did this really happen? The Inviolate world tour saturated the entire globe. It’s far beyond anything I could have imagined when I was a kid practicing feverishly in my teenage bedroom. Traveling The World like this with my band, crew & family, touching & tasting all these magnificent cultures & feeling the powerful energy from the audiences was a transformative experience. I am eternally grateful to all the fans that came out showing their enthusiastic support & to my band, team Vai crew, & all the promoters. Your efforts, support & love have made this phenomenal experience a reality. My cup runneth over.