Inviolate Tour Wrap Up Q&A On Patreon
Vai EU Tour EVO/VIP Packages FAQ
Flex-Able 36th Anniversary Release is out now!
New Music Video for “Teeth of the Hydra”
Virtual Trunk Nation with Steve, Joe and Eric Johnson
Inviolate Vinyl Released Today
Inviolate European Tour announced!
Vaideology Music Book
Inviolate out today!
US 2022 Inviolate Tour postponed!
Happy happy merry merry!
“Inviolate” – pre-order now!
Vai Academy 6.0
Inviolate Tour 2022
Patreon is live!
Alien Guitar Secrets 9, 12 noon PST
New song “Knappsack” is out now!
Steve to perform with Living Colour
DiMarzio & The Green Meanie
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Exclusive Live Stream Interview with Legendary Guitar Virtuoso Steve Vai
King Edward
Candle Power!
Birthday Stream! Alien Guitar Secrets Epsiode 8, June 6th
Facebook Live Sessions
Live Alien Guitar Secrets And Under It All on Facebook!
Steve’s Guitar Collection
Happy Birthday Thomas!
Richard Peikoff
Extraordinary Families
STEVE VAI: An Earth Dweller’s Return
Stillness in Motion Blu-Ray out today
Pledge Music
Recording update 3.3.19
Update March 27
Recording update..
Recording update..
Recording update
Piano Reductions Vol II
An Invitation from Steve Vai
Final Jamathon Auctions
Handpainted Guitars…
Dark Matter Official Music Video
Big Mama-Jama Jamathon Auction Updated.
Steve jams on Good Day LA, talks Big Mama Jama Jamathon
Spotlight 2005 rebroadcast by Co de Kloet
Special Guests announced for the Jamathon
The Big Mama-Jama Jamathon Pledge Campaign.
Webstore: Labor Day Sale. 20% to 40% off.
Steve to perform with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Steve Vai and Tapiola Sinfonietta, Lauri Porra Flyover Ensamble
US Generation Axe tour 2018
In Memory of Joe “Jem” Despagni
AGS Tour recap
NTR Radio & podcast interview with Steve
Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclasses 2018
India 2017
Zappa Hologram tour
Steve Vai to headline the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2017, Meghalaya, India
Vai Academy 4.0 Registration now open!
Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass 24th Aug, Music Zoo, NY
New webstore!
Modern Primitive Pre-order on Amazon
Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass in Mexico, 28th of May
Steve Vai to headline Starmus IV Festival in Norway, June 18 – 23
Malibu Guitar Festival 2017
Steve to perform at the #Acoustic-4-A-Cure on May 15th in San Fransisco
Steve Vai at Disney Concert Hall – March 11th, 2017
Mexico Los Pinos 2017
New Carvin Legacy Pre Amp available soon
American Youth Symphony performance at Disney Hall LA.
Front And Center performance airdates on PBS
Generation Axe Japan Tourdates
Ibanez Jem 30th Anniversary edition is here!
The Making of Woody
VaiAcademy 2017
Steve Vai Describes Developing Dark Matter 2 Pickups with DiMarzio
Happy Holidays!
39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors Broadcast on CBS
Dec 4th show in San Antonio Canceled
New DiMarzio Dark Matter 2 Video
Update from the road – Note from Steve
Vai Academy 3.0 Press Release
We Are Not Afraid Campaign
Town Hall NYC Show gallery
Steve Vai on Trunk Nation
Google displays incorrect starting time for Vai shows
SENA European Guitar Award 2016
Vicopisano 2016 – Keys to the City
Exclusive Vai Academy Video featured on Guitar World
Steve Vai was Scintillating in Riverside
Vai Academy 2017 Schedule
North America “Passion & Warfare 25th Anniversary” tour about to kick off
Steve to be inducted in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame
Honorary citizenship Vicopisano for Steve
Labor Day sale on
Tony MacAlpine opens for Steve on West Coast tour leg
Additional US Tourdates announced
Steve’s Leather Jacket on Ebay
Desmond Tutu Legacy Project Concert
Vai-Tal Ebay auction: Fire Garden Leather Jacket
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Shows Istanbul and Sofia canceled.
Passion & Warfare North American Dates
The Making Of Passion And Warfare
Steve Vai’s Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion and Warfare
Italian Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass dates
G3 shows are underway… Webstore July 4th holiday sale
7/12 G3 show Offenbach venue update
Modern Primitive and PAW 25th Ann now available!
Guitar Player Track Premiere – No Pockets
Loudwire Exclusive Song Premiere – “Never Forever”
The Enduring Passion of Steve Vai + Song Premiere – “Dark Matter”
Update from the tour….
Announcing Vai Academy V3.0 Featuring Special Guests Zakk Wylde, Al Di Meola, Carlos Alomar
Guitar World debuts “Lovely Elixir” from Modern Primitive
Release dates set for ‘Modern Primitive’ and ‘Passion And Warfare’
Steve to play Guitare en Scene Festival 2016
Generation Axe Stage Shots
EVO VIP Upgrades for the Passion and Warfare tour
Vai to perform two shows at the Iridium next week
Saturday Gear Po!n…. Orignal Evo Neck & Tool-less Jem
Generation Axe show Houston Canceled
Generation Axe plays “Foreplay”
Generation Axe: Fox News Interview
Diodak Ghost Ibanez Jem
Generation Axe Featured in Guitar Player Magazine
Steve’s Dubai Update
Generation Axe Rehearsals
Steve to play Bospop Festival in the Netherlands on July 10
New Vai-Tal Gear item on Ebay
Steve to play Sweden Rock Festival 2016 in Solvesborgy
Steve to play Ibanez Guitars Festival in Germany
G3 shows in Germany
G3 International 2016 dates
Generation Axe – A Night Of Guitars Tour
NAMM 2016 Passion & Warfare Universe
New DiMarzio Pickup Covers
New DiMarzio straps
Vai-tal Gear – Melcor GME-20 EQ’s – two days left!
Happy Happy Merry Merry
Vai-tal Gear: Melcor GME-20 EQ on Ebay
Bid on a private guitar lesson with Steve Vai
Bo’s back!!
Steve’s Ibanez Jem “BO” Stolen
Big BOSS Giveaway – Autographed DD-7
Eddie Trunk Interview Podcast with Vai about T-Mac Benefit
Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp 2016
Vai-tal Gear: Melcor GME-20 EQ
The exhibit…
Steve’s Paintings
Monsters of Rock – Will You Be There?
Ultimate Jam Night – Vai, Sheehan, Bissonette and Ralph Saenz
First Ebay Auction: A 1962/1963 Gretch Chet Atkins
Steve Vai Art Exhibit
Flash Mob VaiTune #9
Rock Royalty Join Forces For A Benefit Concert For Tony MacAlpine
Available now: Limited edition large signed poster (40X27)
Rock In Rio Brazil Press Release story on Rock in Rio
Premier Guitar Chat Tomorrow at 1 PM PST
Premier Guitar Q&A Session with Steve on August 27th
Ask Steve anything on AMA Q&A session on Reddit tomorrow
Steve to perform at Guitar Town
Westword Feature on Vaicademy
The Space Between Notes – Tag Yourself!
Leg 2 from The Space Between Notes
Leg 1 from The Space Between the Notes
Announcing Vai Academy Schedule & Special Guests
Monsters of Rock Cruise
My Roland SDE 3000’s
Les Paul 100th Anniversary
Canada Alien Guitar Secrets Dates
Evo Gallery
Guitar World Interview
Alien Guitar Secrets Brazil
Alien Guitar Secrets Spain
GuitarHD video, part 3
GuitarHD video, part 2
GuitarHD Video Interview
Vai Academy 2015
Stillness in Motion Interview – Chris Huber
Stillness in Motion – Interview Mike Gallun
Alien Guitar Secret Masterclasses in Brazil
“The Story of Light”
Stillness in Motion DVD streaming & live chat
“Stilness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A.” 2CD/2DVD Release
GRAMMY Musuem event Monday
Weeping China Doll on Loudwire
Fractal Giveaway
Stillness in Motion Streaming
Stillness in Motion Interview, Fire Vai
Today’s video preview
Guitar Player Magazine published “Building The Church” video
VaiAcademy limited offer
Latest DVD preview
Benefit concert for Cliff, with Satriani, Vai and Animals As Leaders
Stillness in Motion Interview, Thomas Nordegg
DVD Preview videos
Facebook chat premiere of “Gravity Storm”
Stillness in Motion Interview, Jeremy Colson
Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclasses in Spain
Stillness in Motion Interview, Philip Bynoe
And here it is…
Stillness in Motion Pre-order on iTunes
Steve Vai’s top 5 tips for guitarists
Stillness in Motion, Interviews
Vai headlining Guitar Town Festival 9 August
Stillness in Motion Preview
“Stillness In Motion” DVD and CD Release for April 7, 2015
All About Flo
Vaiacedemy 2015
Musicians Institue Conversation Series Part 2
Frost Blue Jem
Musicians Institue Conversation Series Part 1
Thomas (Samoht), the New & Updated Ultra Jem
Opening of the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Hall
Happy Holidays!!
Michael Payton’s painting of Evo
Musicians Institute Conversation Series
Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence for Hal Leonard Books
Vai Signed BOSS DD-7 giveaway
Steve & Van Gogh
Steve & Pia on holiday in St. Barths
Steve in Japan
Steve and Uli John Roth at the Guitare En Scene Festival
MusiciansFriend & BOSS Webinar TODAY
Vai Academy
Live broadcast Japan Only
Musicians Friend Webinar featuring Steve Vai
Vai Academy 2014
Update from the hive
Vai Academy Scholarship Winner
Evo packages for Japan
Vai Academy Giveaway
Son of Alien Guitar Secrets, Part II
Steve’s comments for Jimmy Page
Happy Birthday Steve!
Steve Vai Masterclass radio broadcast today
Steve Vai on Groundbreaking Tour
End of the Story of Light Tour
Steve on The Steve Gorman SPORTS! Radio
Steve on Steve Gorman SPORTS! Today
Gravity Storm Filmed With Lipstick Camera
“VAI 360°” On Android
The Crew & Band at the last show.
Update From The Road: Poland and Siberia
Vai talks Vai Academy on Music Radar
Danielle Gottardo
Photo’s from Sylmar, 1984
Steve appears in “The Amazing You” movie interview with Steve in Vienna
Update from the road: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur
Update from the road: Tel-Aviv, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw
New Release Ocean Way Microphone Locker
Greetings from Israel!
Vai Academy Free Ibanez Guitar Reminder
Pics from the road…
2014 Story of Light Tour Kick-off
Vai Academy Free Ibanez Guitar
Vai360 App Android Beta testers wanted
Vai360 App Android Poll
Vai360 App
Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp
Steve Vai Faces
Spring Gala Event 2014, China
Vai Limited Edition Guitar String Plaque
Win a trip to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp
BTV Spring Global Gala, China
Happy Holidays
Moxipop Interview, Part II
Moxipop Interview, Part I
November 27, 2013
EVO Cake
Eric Johnson jams with Steve at the Austin, TX show
Steve Vai interview with Grand Rapids, MI WZZM TV 13 interview with Steve
Some photos from the tour!
The Daily Times Interview with Steve Vai
My birthday gift from Romania.
Devin Townsend, “The Retinal Circus”
Life on the Road – Behind the Steve Vai ‘Story of Light’ Tour
Pics from the road, September 2013
In Mallorca…
Levante Interview (2013)
Jazz Voyeur Mallorca Interview
Italia Q&A (2013)
The Voice, Perth Community Interview (2013)
New Yooxer Interview (2013)
Canberra Times Q&A 2013
Scene Magazine Q&A
Interview for Italian Press 2013
BMA Magazine, Australia, Interview
Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand Interview
SF Media, Australia Interview
May The Rock Be With You (Australia) Interview
Sunday Star Times, New Zealand Interview
The AU Review (Australia) Interview
Metal Forge, Australia Interview
Tone Deaf Website Interview (Australia)
Steve Vai Interview 2013
South America Tour Announced
Sam Ash “Best of Shred” Contest deadline extended
‘Life on the Road – Behind the Steve Vai “Story of Light Tour” (Pt I)
Pics from the road..
Photo’s from Antwerp
UK Photo’s
Sam Ash “Best of Shred” Contest
Facebook Chat Tuesday 8/20
Japan Reviews
AXS TV Preview “Gravity Storm”
AXS TV to air “The Story of Light”
Photos from Bangkok
Pictures from Tapei
Steve Supports StarJam Charity
A Little Tokyo Magic..
Update from Shanghai
Pictures from Perth
Steve Vai on Tom Waits –
Steve Vai on the upcoming Australia & New Zealand tour
The Story of Light Tour continues…