Alcatrazz Gear


Steve used these Carvin amplifiers not only throughout the Alcatrazz tour, but also with Frank Zappa in the early 80’s. The output is switchable 60W/100W. The upper two are connected to a Roland SDE-3000 digital delay, the bottom Carvin is a spare in case either of the other two stopped working during a show.

Steve’s rack from Alcatrazz included 2 Roland SDE-3000 delays, a Lexicon PCM60 digital reverb, a 6-channel mixer and a Mutron Bi-Phase pedal.

Steve’s pedalboard soon grew into this one, featuring the same pedals as above (right), but without the custom clean/dirty switch, and adding 2 DC-8 switching units and a delay hold pedal.


Steve’s Alcatrazz touring guitars included the blonde Fender Stratocaster that Steve used throughout the Zappa years, a DeMini electric, a Performance Custom hand-built by Steve and the Jerry Jones coral sitar (which belonged to Frank Zappa). These Marshall amps were wired to his wireless system.

Steve has been using Carvin for years, and was one of their first major endorsers. These cabinets were customized with green grille covers (green covers were also on his custom cabinets on the Fire Garden tour).

A very simple pedalboard consisting of a BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal, a Carvin footswitch used to control his amplifier, a custom-made clean/distortion switch and a Crybaby wah pedal.