The Story Of Light
December 11, 2001
Light Without Heat LWH1002-2

This disc collects Vai’s many contributions to film music, including the much-sought after duel scene from the movie Crossroads (including a guitar duel with Shuggie Otis, which never made it to the film). The album opens with an apropos version of The Kinks’ “Celluloid Heroes,” and “Love Blood,” a track Vai intended for the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt film version of Anne Rice’s novel Interview With A Vampire that never made it to the film. Also includes tracks recorded for Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Encino Man, Dudes and various other contributions to soundtracks and films. Some pieces are long, others merely 15 seconds in length.

1.Celluloid Heros
2.Love Blood
Music from or inspired by the movie Crossroads:
3.Fried Chicken
4.Butler’s Bag
5.Head-Cuttin’ Duel
6.Eugene’s Trick Bag
Music from or inspired by the movie Dudes:
7.Amazing Grace
8.Louisiana Swamp Swank
Music from or inspired by the movie Dudes:
9.Air Guitar Hell
10.The Reaper
11.Introducing The Wylde Stallions
12.Girls Mature Faster Than Guys
13.The Battle
14.Meet The Reaper
15.Final Guitar Solo
16.The Reaper Rap
Music from or inspired by the movie Encino Man:
17.Drive The Hell Out Of Here
18.Get The Hell Out Of Here
Music from or inspired by the movie Encino Man:
19.Welcome Pre-Frosh
20.The Dark Hallway
21.The Dead Band Ends
22.The Cause Heads
23.Find The Meat
24.The Axe Will Fall
25.Now We Run (Cue)
26.Hey Jack
28.Still Running
29.Dead Heads
30.Blow Me Where The Pampers Is
31.Pins & Needles
32.Plug My Ass In
33.Loose Keg Sightings
34.Don’t Sweat It
35.How Hidge
36.Beer Beer
37.We’re Not Gonna Protest
38. Initiation
39.See Ya Next Year
40.Now We Run

This disc was originally only available as part of The Secret Jewel Box set, but due to popular demand was later re-released through Favored Nations (Catalog: FN2220-2) with a special 3-D lenticular Q-Pak cover.

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