A Letter From Steve


Greetings folks.
So sorry for the delay in giving you an update.
I’ve been re-arranging my sock drawer for the last year, as it just couldn’t wait any longer.

I have also been feverishly at work… well, taking it easy to a degree, on a new DVD that was shot on the last US tour in Minneapolis with the “String Theory” band. You remember? You were there right? I am mixing the audio soup right now and adding the hot chipotle sauce as we speak.

It’s so easy to lose sight of the point when you’re in the throws of the hurricane.
Putting a band together; getting the music together; rehearsing it till you’re blue in the face; getting the show tightened up; going over all the expenses with a fine tooth comb; scheduling a video shoot of a show; going through the process of shooting it, editing it, mixing it and preparing an outlet to release it; and most importantly, trying to rearrange my sock drawer, can sometimes distract from the actual entertaining value of the finished product.

Well, when I finished the final video edit and sat with Mikey and watched the DVD from the top to the bottom, it really hit me over the head how very wonderful and unique this band, the show and the music is. Yup, there it is, I said it. I really like it and think it’s great.

When I’m being demanding on the musicians sometimes I can’t see how hard they are really trying and how well they are doing. It all came together when I watched the DVD. The faith, the mutual respect, admiration and love we shared, the personal time together and some of the life experiences (some wonderful and some tragic) that we went through together, and the remembrance of this family I have in them and in you overwhelmed me when I watched it. I didn’t have to worry about any of the details because there weren’t any more.

I instantly felt all of you when I was watching this DVD. My heart was bursting with humility and gratitude for the sheer good karma of having all the past, the present and the future good fortune in this business with you. Am I gushing??? Well, it feels good so just let me go with it.

I hope you like it. I don’t know when it’s going to come out, but I’m hoping April or May.

A few other things in the works are a new Legacy II amp. Just did the photo shoot today. I don’t want to blow any of the surprises so I’ll make sure when it’s announced you’ll know about it.

And yup, a new Jem. This is different than all the other Jems in that it’s a h— t—. Now you don’t want me to give it up, do you?

Both of these exquisite little dynamos will be announced and shown at NAMM. I will be there on the 16th and 17th at the Carvin and Ibanez booths. Not sure which one on which day though.

I had a very successful and fantastically enjoyable “Alien Guitar Secrets” Master class tour of Russia where I visited 9 cities, including the Ukraine and Siberia. Many of the cities I visited had never had an American, or any other foreign musician visit. I was stunned at how many people came out to the master class. Between 800-3,000!
I could write a book on my experiences there, but then I’ll never finish this DVD.

I do enjoy doing these Master Classes and have decided to do more. As a matter of fact I will be doing one on Jan 16th and one on Jan 17th in Anaheim CA. Stay tuned to Vai.com for details.

In these “Alien Guitar Secrets” Master Classes I plan on focusing mostly on exploring how a musician can approach unlocking their own uniqueness on the instrument. But I talk about a lot of stuff. The classes are usually limited to 50-100 people, and you are welcome to bring your guitar. It’s very informal and intimate. If it works out I may even tour the USA with it.

Following is the usual lay out, all though it needs to be road tested and tweaked, just like my guitar parts.

1. When I was a Little Boy
– Introduction

2. Building the Church
– Short and long term musical goals

3. Essence
– Basic guitar playing concepts and music theory

4. Under it All
– Finding and cultivating your own uniqueness on the instrument

5. Midway Creatures
– The music business

6. K’m Pee-Du-Wee
– Bathroom Break

7. Head Cuttin’ Duel
– Jamming with Steve

8. Answers
– Question and Answer

9. Here I Am
– The Meet & Greet Autographs and photos

Total Time: 3 hours +

A new record??? I was not ready to start up on Real Illusions Pt 2. That will be a real undertaking. For a while I was actually at a loss when thinking ahead to a new record. Then, poof!!! Like a shock to the system it all came to me. I see the whole project and tour. Now I just have to make it real and not just a rumor in my own room.
OK, ready… 1-2-3 go!!!!!!
I’m off!

Miss you and love you.